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After 23 years, I’ve come to the difficult decision that TAP’s Barbershop will be closing its doors on October 12th.     As many of you know, I have been slowly transitioning to spending my winters in Florida and it has become increasingly difficult to make the trips back to Minnesota.  I also recognize that it’s not fair to my clients to have to wait for their barber needs during those weeks that I’m away.


It has been a very hard decision for me to make.   I have the very best clients and  have developed truly great friendships over the past 23 years.   


I will be returning to Minnesota next spring but I am not sure yet if I plan to return to barbering.  If I do, I will reach out and let you know if I'm reopening.  


I sincerely appreciate you being my client.  I will miss the great conversations we have had.  You are definitely more than just a client to me.


Stay blessed, humble and most of all, stay woke.



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